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Maafushi Island: An evolving island offering a spectacular experience for a perfect getaway…

If you are willing to take part in such an adventure contact us and we will organize a memorable trip for you and your family & friends. Every guest said that they never had such an experience and we can give it to you as well!

As far as one could remember, the Maldives is pronounced to be one of the most elite honeymoon destinations with its grand and exotic resort islands and a rewarding all-in-all experience for its guests. 

The charming island never fails to keep us on our toes offering us to explore the magnificent ocean, rich with beautiful marine life. Of course, an array of water sports keeps our adrenaline pumping and the marvel of enthusiasm unraveled at all times.  

This dream vacation, however, was a little beyond a casual traveler’s affordability limits but tables turned drastically though in a very positive manner in the year 2009, when the cheerful locals opened up their islands warmly welcoming many eager travelers from across the globe. 

We hear that Maafushi is the largest, most popular, and undoubtedly the most spectacular of the local islands in the Maldives, with friendly locals ready to share their beautiful land n’ seas and culture with us foreigners. Spanning over 1 KM (1275 meters in length) and 265 meters in width, it is one of the inhabited islands of Kaafu Atoll. 

We witnessed that the North beach is usually reserved for water sports, and the bikini beach occupies a small portion of it. Many hotels can be seen with a parade of water sports centers along the exquisite beach. 

The southern side of the beach is allotted for the 1,500 people who happily reside on this great island, and yet somehow guests would never feel it to be overcrowded but would be generously welcomed and will feel quite at home. 

With very easy access from and to the airport, the adventure continues. A public ferry will carry  guests on a voyage to Male or forth, whereas a speedboat may offer a quicker trip to the dry lands. It is said that Maafushi is one of the first islands to delve on offering boat transfers and many of the hotels have their own fleet at a cost as low as USD 20 per person / ride. 

Further strolls, pleasant conversations with the locals and a little bit of research will reveal that over the years, many residential houses were converted in to comfortable rented apartments and more unwavering and massive development were brought upon by giant investors, bringing life to more cosy hotels catering to the rising demand of many a anxious traveler. 

Maafushi today is home to an assortment of premium properties offering a fully-fledged Maldivian experience at a desirable rate. Friendly & helpful locals, the unforgettable breathtaking view of the much treasured turquoise waters & scrumptious local & western cuisine are only just a few of the many attractions this splendid island has to offer for you. 

In the sunny mornings, you could choose to idly lie on the beautiful golden sands enjoying the exotic weather and afterward have a marvelous time choosing among the various water sports from snorkeling to surfing to swimming with friendly whales or sharks. Another grand adventure would be the ride on a submarine, where a whole new sea world is to be unfolded before your eyes. 

It is fair to say that in comparison to the cloud kissing rates of resort islands, Maafushi is packed with premium lodgings, greater views of the beautiful mother nature, and an amusing lineup of adventurous excursions at modest rates. 

You will no doubt be swept with a feeling of content, a dream holiday better than any dream come true with a few hundred dollar bills well spent and without even an ounce of regret. 

Its safe to say that this island paradise, Maafushi, with its sun kissed beaches and the pretty turquoise waves saluting your every happy step is the most refreshing experience and is the best therapy for anyone who enjoys & values life. 

A big “Hurrah”  for Maafushi, your ultimate “value for money island” destination.

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  1. This was my first time experiencing scuba diving and I will never forget it! Marine world is so diverse and unique that everyone will discover something new.

  2. We were given all required equipment and our instructor followed us through the whole journey. We liked it!

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