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Learn the fun tactics of fishing in the sunset 

Sunset Fishing

Accompanied by an expert guide with professional fishing equipment, you can learn the fun tactics to catch your own BBQ dinner while enjoying the breathtaking Maldivian sunset. The taste you catch with a touch of authentic spices and tantalize your tastebuds with exotic flavors.

Conquer your fears by swimming with the Sharks

Shark Bay Snorkeling

If you want to get straight into the scariest activity that’s sure will send chills up your spine, join us for a high adrenaline experience with “Sharks” that will make you go all crazy & run for life. How about swimming with the Sharks side by side up-close? Well, here it happens & it happens so gloriously so you know what this amazing island is about to shower upon you has no limits.

Thrill Yourself with the Catch of a Lifetime

Big Game Fishing

Try your luck & skills in hunting down the big dudes in the sea. Wake up early in the morning to catch the sunrise while you’re onboard with our adventure experts for a thrilling fishing experience. With professional fishing equipment & the best in business to guide you with simple tricks & techniques, you’re all set to surprise yourself with the catch of a lifetime.

Treat yourself to a hearty breakfast and be on your way to a whole day full of adventures.  You get to snorkel at two-point where marine lives are abundant and take a guided walk around in few islands. Take a moment to step into a sensational sandbank to spend a vivid evening, witnessing the most magical sunset ever in your life. To make it even better, you have all the time in the world to enjoy a pod of dolphins cruising around you that will just blow your mind and fill your heart with so much joy.

We’re sure you all still love to live your childhood memories of treasure hunting; we’ve got massive shipwrecks giving shelter to the world’s most vividly expressive marine life so you can just put on your snorkeling gear and go hunting the treasures in the good old pirate style. The ultimate Maldivian cruise will be followed by a fun-filled picnic at ANBARA Island, live cooking with a BBQ lunch, and ending with a heart full of joy sparked by playing with Dolphins.

Go Where Adventure Takes You

Explore the Islands & Turquoise Waters

Awaken the explorer within you & get onboard our state-of-the-art excursion boats to go fishing in the sunset, visit the most scenic islands & spend a glorious evening on a sandbank. With our team of professional divers & aquatic adventure experts by your side, you’re just a call away from discovering untapped dimensions of marine life in the deep blue ocean.

Have you got what it takes to swim with a pod of sharks? So how about swimming side by side with a giant yet gentle whale? Turn your fancy dreams into a reality followed by tasty food, island visits, and ending with dolphins.

While Arena promises to keep you all pampered in city comforts, we do not limit you from exploring the magical resorts that the Maldives are globally known for. Taste the glimpses of unfathomable luxury with dining & booze with a day spent in a resort.

Choose what selection of excursions excites you the most from 3 packages & customize it with add-on activities to make it even more amusing. With a pool of professional excursion guides onboard, we promise to make you go all crazy over the magical feeling you’re about to experience.

Dive your way through the mysterious world beneath the surface & feast your eyes on the most magnificent marine life & its vivid habitats hidden during your snorkeling sessions. Discover a whole new untapped world hidden in the deep blue ocean & swim along with the gentle turtles & cutest dolphins. Replenish your energies with a delicious lunch on the stunning sandbank & hit back to the hotel with a load of memories to cherish.